A recent example of attribute growth .

November 24, 2009

There are some new attributes in the marketplace that actually can be traced to a starting date – September 11, 2001In this case the core area is “food making”. “Quality” in food (desirable attributes to the customer) has been focused through different attributes as time has unfolded. Note: the core topic hasn’t changed, the environment has. This is diagnostic of attributes.

The business environment:

Up to 19th century:

The concerns of the “user” focused on the arts of food storage, spoilage prevention and preservation. Salting, drying, curing….

20th century:

The microbiology of food in intense production and consumption environments, novel anti-spoilage tactics. UHT, canning, asceptic processing, gas packing

21st century:

Preventing intentional contamination of food with hazardous biological agents through tampering or other malicious, criminal or terrorist actions or threats*

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