The depth of required access to attribute knowledge varies by role

November 30, 2009

In order to stay in business, our production processes and our products must have many attributes. For example,

a) . the product, and the way we make it, must be safe

b). the product and the way we make it must be economically sustainable and return a profit to the shareholders .

But these are attributes of every business , not just ours. They are not in and of themselves distinctive to our business — although we may well live or die as a business depending on how well we do them.

But we must never let them replace the core of our business. We have seen this happen again and again in the history of business. Some so-called “quality systems" ran rampant and caused the decline and death of their host businesses — behaving like parasites, not commensals.

So we need ways to think about the scale and relevance of attribute systems to roles.

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