My Just Knowledge blog ( is a specific development of the knowledge development pathway – the largest “chunk” (in terms of novelty and need for elucidation) of the Lite Frameworks. In this blog I choose a different stance – the philosophical and epistemological roots of Lite.

 Let me put that in plainer terms:

a)      Lite is about a set of frameworks for the conversations humans need to have together to do business. In fact, my claim is that it covers all the conversations we need for cooperative human enterprise – where an enterprise is a set of humans cohering around an endeavour with a purpose. Business is just one such enterprise.

I don’t cover all conversations. Humans also have conversations for (for example) love, or for play, or for pain, that I don’t attempt to cover.

b)      I identify 4 main frameworks for four distinct conversational terrains
 – the terrain of knowledge creation
 – the terrain of knowledge performance
 – the terrain of knowledge governing
 – the terrain of knowledge testing

The terrain of knowledge creation has five parts to it, three of which are distinct habitats – the habitats of scoping knowledge, generating knowledge, and building knowledge. The other two parts are where the terrains of knowledge governing (Learn) and performance (Use) interact with knowledge creation.

c)       Why is this not just a lot of noise, another fancy? Why do I believe that these frameworks are deep, resilient, and can be utterly transformational for enterprises moving into the era of weightlessness and knowledge work? Because I have grounded them in the theory and praxis of human thought itself. I am not saying only “here are some useful ways of thinking, like a 7S model or a 6 hats game”. I am saying that these frameworks are true to the way we actually do think, the way we actually do proceed together, the way we actually do repeated archetypal actions that constitute our enterprises together.

I don’t think I’ve got it all. I don’t think I’ve got it all right. But I have got something. Something significant and foundational.

That’s what this blog will attempt to flesh out.

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